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    Castle Story

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Aug 31, 2012

    Build your kingdom in Castle Story. Tend to your crops, feed your animals, send your knights to fend off troll attacks. A Castle simulation game in which you can expand and build fantasy buildings.

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    Castle story is a simulation game developed by TeamLava for the IPhone/iPad. Build and decorate your own kingdom.


    Castle story is simulation game based on the "social" norm of the energy system. You must spend one energy for each task you do, once you gain levels your energy meter grows allowing for more task to be done. There are quests to do that reward the players with gold and experience. Gold is used to buy more buildings, animals and to expand your land.

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    Growing crops is a solid portion of the game which require time for them grow to be harvest. Along your journey you will meet characters that will need your help, once you do so they will become residents and start walking around your kingdom.

    Castle story is a free-to-play game, if you don't feel like waiting on the timers you could buy in-game gems for real money.


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    Castle story features a social aspect in the game. You can add friends within the game and visit their kingdom. Visiting other people kingdoms help's them get more experience and gold. The player can fill up their Heart Meter which consists of five hearts which fills the more they visit other kingdoms.

    The higher the heart meter is the more attention it gets from other people, the meter slowly declines if you don't visit often so it gives the player an incentive to play daily.


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