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Awful Soundtrack & Easy, But Still Fun 0

Home to three great games in the Castlevania series, the GameBoy Advance is the perfect cure for all that ails the oldschool gamer. While not quite the creamy center we all expected, Harmony of Dissonance is still a benchmark for the system and a valuable learning experience (which paid off in Aria of Sorrow).  It is without question much easier than Circle of the Moon, and more closely resembles the PlayStation masterpiece Symphony of the Night. Game play Additions Despite the main cha...

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Kind of a mess, but still manages to be enjoyable 0

I enjoyed my time with Harmony of Dissonance. More than the other mostly uninspiring retreads of Symphony of the Night that came later anyway. Superficially, it may just seem to be yet another inferior take on SOTN, and yet...HOD's minimalist soundtrack, subdued graphics, and often extraneous but suggestive level design are all clearly meant to invoke the same atmosphere that permeates the NES titles. In this regard I would say the game is successful. On the other hand there are elements which m...

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Prepare for some heavy backtracking... 0

I have no knowledge at all about castlevania,but I sure do know one thing about the series.Dracula and whips.This is the second castlevania installment for the Gameboy advance,and although it's not the best game out there,it is definately worth buying to castlevania fans.Story - 5/10I'll give some credit here atleast.The story is about Juste Belmont,grandson of Simon Belmont,who goes to an uknown castle with his friend,Maxim,to save his friend,Lydie.A few little plot twists and there,which aren'...

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It copies the SotN formula right down to its faults. 0

NOTE: This review was written by me years ago, but it's never been posted on GB, so enjoy!***************Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is the third game in the CV series that plays more Metroid-ish than the classic side-scroller games of the 8-bit/16-bit era. Many gamers love Symphony of the Night, and it's likely that said gamers will equally love HoD. Why? Because HoD (more so than Circle of the Moon) plays more like SotN: excellent graphics and animation, two huge castles, big bosses, an...

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