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The caves are filled with treasures of dialogue 0

  I once knew an emotionally unstable young lady that was very much into anime conventions, the dress-up that comes with them, and fan-fiction. She was the kind of person that wrote volumes worth of fan-fiction for any number of Final Fantasys, animes I’ve never heard of, and at least two universes of her own creation. While did manage to secure all of three fans, she had that issue where her love of writing and the creating characters in her mind overwhelmed the need to edit. The end result we...

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Old school charm 0

Cave Story is, at first glance, a game we all played sometime around 1990. It certainly evokes the feel of classic 2D action games such as Mega Man, Metroid, or Castlevania, yet Cave Story is very much a product of the new millennium. As such, it combines old school aesthetics with modern gameplay conventions to great effect, and wraps it all together in a cheap, content heavy package. In other words, Cave Story is awesome. At its core, Cave Story is a 2D sidescrolling shooter. You spend the bet...

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A standout title of the 2D resurgence. 0

Cave Story is a game that existed for quite some time as a freeware game before it was released as a WiiWare title with updated graphics and audio.  The fact that it made the jump from a free PC game to a $12 Wii game may sound like anyone paying for it is getting ripped off, but this is such a quality product that not paying for it is absurd, and was only ever an option because it was made by a single guy with no means of publishing.  Cave Story is a well done game in most every respect, and of...

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Swell Metroidvania action on the cheap 0

Cave Story is a classic example of what's considered to be an indie game these days. It's got retroesque visuals and music; its gameplay is a throwback to hits from gaming's past like Metroid and Castlevania; and it's got one of those rags to riches stories that everyone loves oh-so-much attached to it. (In this case, the game's developer, Daisuke Amaya, who made Cave Story single-handedly, had gone from a nobody to somewhat-celebrity after his game went viral and eventually...

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Review: Cave Story (WiiWare) 0

For a long time I've been wanting to build an art piece that centers around "cave themes" from videogames. The eerie ambiance has been handled in many different ways over time, each composer setting the correct mood for the cave level from an individual game. This had me extra excited for Cave Story, as I imagined a boatload of variations on cave tunes I'd looked into previously. Going in with that expectation, I ended up a little disappointed to find that the cave-yness is often downplayed in t...

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While not particularly groundbreaking, it's still a good game. 0

Cave Story is a free game released many years ago for the PC. Apparently it was made entirely by only one guy over the course of 5 years. He designed the game, wrote the story, composed the music and programmed everything. Quite a feat indeed. Cave Story+ is an updated version of this game.One of the first things you notice is how this might pretty much be the definitive version of the game. Right away you're able to choose between a graphically updated version or the original game to play. The ...

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Brilliant. 0

This review stands for the most recent version of the freeware PC release of Cave Story, run as an .exe named “doukutsu” and updated with an English translation. It ignores features in “Cave Story+”, and it does not include the extended ending.I could easily write in this review that Cave Story is another in the long line of quality exploration-based action platformers a la Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Super Metroid (ergo, “Metroidvania”,) but that wouldn’t really emphasize what makes C...

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How can a robot drown? 0

Cave Story, created by one man band Pixel Studio is a cult PC indie game that has seen a commercial acknowledgement in 2010 by getting released on Nintendo's downloadable services . The changes from the PC version are not so different and one might wonder why pay for something that is available for free. Well first of all this is a indie game and the original creator Mr.Pixel (or Nicalis the company who ported this) is a independent developer and deserves every piece of support he/they can get. ...

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Cave Story Wii Review - Never too late! 0

   Cave Story is a game that was originally released in 2004 on the PC for free by a Japanese man who goes by the name of Pixel. The game was re-released on the Wii in 2010 for $12 with updated graphics, music, controls and additional features including a new character to play as. With retro visuals, sound and gameplay reminiscent of a toned-down Metroidvania does this indie title warrant a purchase? Or is the retro appeal just a gimmick?Cave Story is something that doesn’t come around very ofte...

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