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    Cel Damage

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Nov 14, 2001

    A cel-shaded vehicular combat game.

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    Cel Damage is a car combat game, released for the Xbox and GameCube and exclusively as Cel Damage: Overdive on PS2 in Europe. The game was developed by Pseudo Interactive and published by Electronic Arts although Play It published the PS2 release in Europe. The nature of the game's original release is particularly interesting due to large time period between the game releasing in different regions and on different platforms. To summarise in a concise manner:

    XboxNorth AmericaNovember 15th 2001
    GameCubeNorth AmericaDecember 7th 2001
    Xbox, GameCubeEuropeMay 3rd 2002
    PlayStation 2EuropeDecember 12th 2003


    The main focus of the game is a derby-deathmatch style of play, all done in cel-shaded graphics. Besides the deathmatch mode, there is also a "capture the flags" mode, and a gate racing mode. The game doesn't offer a huge amount of characters, yet the ones included are memorable and reinforce the main strength of the game: it is awkwardly funny and easy to play. Although it feels shallow, this game appeals to some because of its unusual visuals and its overall simplicity.


    • Violet
    • Sinder
    • B.T. Bruno
    • Fowl Mouth
    • Dominique Trix
    • Flemming
    • Whack Angus
    • T-Rex
    • Count Earl
    • Brian

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