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    A large insect-like creature found in the deepest subterranean reaches of Skyrim, alongside their Falmer masters.

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    Chaurus are large insects native to Skyrim, used by the Falmer as guardians for their lairs. They are roughly the size of a hound and are covered in a dark, chitinous hide, which the Falmer make great use of in their weapons, armor and shields. They are dangerous foes up-close, due to their sharp biting mandibles and at range they are able to spit poison a great distance. In their deepest lairs the chaurus have been known to grow to a much larger size, known as a reaper. The reaper is far more dangerous than it's smaller brethren and has a much more virulent poison.

    A much rarer form only occurs if a chaurus is able to reach the end of it's natural lifespan. It will seal itself into a cocoon and hibernate for some time, transforming itself into the hunter variant. With its new wings, the hunter has much greater mobility and a mutation to its front legs, turning them into a pair of large mantis-like scythes, makes it even deadlier up close; while also retaining it's poison-spit ability from afar. The hunter lies in ambush in its cocoon shell until the creature is ready to strike by bursting forth to surprise unwary adventurers.

    Note: The chaurus hunter variant only appears once the Dawnguard add-on has been installed.

    Their primary habitat is the dark caves that litter the Skyrim landscape and are most often found in the deepest corners of Dwemer ruins and the great underground cavern of Blackreach. A single chaurus tunnel system can contain hundreds of individual eggs, making them an appealing target for alchemists. Very rarely, they have been known to head out onto the surface to hunt, mainly around the marshes of Hjaalmarch.

    Practical uses


    When defeated, they are likely to drop little more than a piece of Chaurus Chitin which, although heavy, is vital for any adventurer who wishes to temper any Falmer weaponry and armor. A single piece of chitin is enough for a single piece of equipment

    Alchemical Properties

    The basic chaurus provides no ingredients for the purposes of alchemy, but their nests provide an ample source of Chaurus Eggs, mainly useful for being a plentiful source for the rare Invisibility effect. The hunters will drop Charus Hunter Antennae when defeated which are, interestingly, alchemically identical to Blue Butterfly Wings

    Charus Egg

    • Weakness to Poison
    • Fortify Stamina
    • Damage Magicka
    • Invisibility

    Charus Hunter Antennae

    • Damage Stamina
    • Fortify Conjuration
    • Damage Magicka Regen
    • Fortify Enchanting


    Soul Size
    Chaurus ReaperCommon
    Chaurus Hunter FledglingCommon
    Chaurus HunterGreater

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