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    Hjaalmarch is one of the nine holds of Skyrim.

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    Located in the north of Skyrim, Hjaalmarch mainly consists of a large, salt-water marsh, at the confluence of the mighty River Karth and the smaller River Hjaal, feeding into the Sea of Ghosts. On it's eastern borders, it meets the snowy tundra and pine forests of The Pale and the southern border with Whiterun Hold consists of a large mountain range.

    There is only one major settlement in Hjaalmarch, namely its capital city of Morthal, located just south of the marsh. Morthal has little to offer the province in way of trade, with a lone lumber-mill, a small alchemist's shop and a tiny inn as its sole offerings. Elsewhere in the hold, there is a decent-sized iron mine, called Stonehills, owned by Bryling of Solitude.

    The entire region is dotted with ancient Nord ruins, amongst them the mighty ruins of Labyrinthian in the southern mountains and Ustengrav, the tomb of Jurgen Windcaller, in the northern marshes. Two of skyrim's thirteen ancient standing stones reside in the region, the Apprentice stone and the Lord Stone. The mountains also hide a shrine to the daedric prince of ambition and destruction, Mehrunes Dagon.

    Flora and Fauna

    The salt-water marshes provide little in the way of flora, other than the mighty pine forests, with the toxic and deadly deathbell blossom being one of the few able to make its home in the harsh environment. Two major types of fungus grow in the region, the aptly named swamp fungal pod and giant lichen.

    Deer and foxes run rampant through the marshes and woods of the region, which are also home to the occasional foraging bear. Though uncommon, sightings of vicious chaurus have been made in the marshes in the north. Legends tell that the marshes are also home of the mysterious Wispmothers, though sightings are extremely rare.


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