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    Foxes are wolf-like mammals, many having red fur. They are thought of as tricksters, underdogs, or for women, if you're foxy, then you're sexy.

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    Foxes are canid, vulpine omnivores that live in the wild. Folklore of various cultures depict the fox as a trickster; in Japan, China, and Korea, for example, fox spirits are thought of as shape-shifters that sometimes take the forms of humans in order to trick people. In other nations, such as Great Britain, foxes have historically been hunted for sport by members of the nobility.

    Foxes have appeared in numerous video games in a variety of forms over the years. This article highlights some examples of such depictions.


    Red Dead Redemption

    In Red Dead Redemption, foxes can be encountered and hunted like other wild animals found in the game. The player, in the role of John Marston, can skin them for money.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

    In Persona 4, the player encounters a mysterious fox that lives near a shrine. The player forms a Social Link with the fox of the Hermit arcana, and can increase the rank of the link by performing deeds to help others in town that will lead to more money being donated to the shrine's coffers.

    Star Fox

    The universe of Star Fox is populated by anthropomorphic animals of all sorts and is centered on the adventures of Fox McCloud, a skilled arwing pilot. Fox's father James and love interest Krystal are also foxes prominently featured in the games.

    Animal Crossing

    In the Animal Crossing series, the player's town is occasionally visted by Redd, a shady black marketeer that deals in rare goods. His wares typically cost more than anything found in Tom Nook's shop. He also sells portraits that can be displayed in the museum run by Blathers, but not every portrait he sells is authentic. Blathers will determine the authenticity of any portrait brought to him and will alert the player if a portrait in question is a forgery.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Sonic's friend Tails is a fox with two tails. He can twirl them in a way that allows him to become airborne.

    Shin Megami Tensei: if...

    In Shin Megami Tensei:if..., Chefei, the boss at the end of the World of Greed, is a kitsune, or Japanese fox spirit. Fifteen treasure chests sit in the corridors leading to her chamber. Chefei has eight possible forms that the player can encounter, and the form that the player will fight is dependent on the number of chests that are opened. The more chests searched, the more powerful Chefei's form becomes.


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