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    Fidget the Nimbat is the guardian of the Blade of Ahrah, an ancient enchanted sword. When the blade picks amnesiac swordsman Dust as its new master, Fidget joins Dust on his adventure, lending her magic to Dust's combat abilities.

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    Fidget is the guardian of the Blade of Ahrah, the sword that Dust wields. It is unknown how Fidget got this job, because it is clear that she knows little about Ahrah, or how to properly do her job. What is known is that she is a Nimbat, and that she can do magic attacks.

    Fidget is unique in Dust: An Elysian Tail in that she periodically breaks the fourth wall. For example, early in the game Dust is confronted by several monsters, and her response is to scream "MASH ALL THE BUTTONS!" While the other characters often point out the strange and goofy things that Fidget says, no one bats an eyelash when she breaks the fourth wall (especially not Ahrah, who is a sword, and cannot blink).

    Fidget is voiced by Kimlinh Tran.


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