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    James McCloud

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    Founded The Star Fox team with Peppy Hare and Pigma Dengar. He is the deceased father of Fox McCloud

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    James McCloud is the father of Fox McCloud, and founder of the original Star Fox team. After his death, Fox went on to found the second Star Fox team. James was an incredibly skilled pilot, in addition to being a very loyal person. His wife was Vixy Reinard McCloud, who has only appeared in the Star Fox comic that ran in Nintendo Power during 1993. After James' death prior to the events of Star Fox, he has since appeared in many of the games, usually as a vision or ghost to aid the Star Fox team.


    James McCloud was introduced in Star Fox 64. He had formed the Star Fox team, an elite squadron that reported to General Pepper of the Cornerian Army. The team consisted of James, Peppy Hare (who went on to be in Fox's team as well), and Pigma Dengar (who moved onto Star Wolf). However, when the team went to go see what Andross was doing on Venom, Pigma betrayed the team, and James died in the resulting firefight. At the end of Star Fox 64, he guides Fox out of Andross' base as a ghost.

    A message from James can be found in Star Fox Adventures. This message gives Fox advice for his adventures. In Star Fox Assault, the Aparoid Queen uses James' likeness (as well as some other characters) to try and convince Fox to turn to her side. Star Fox Command was James' latest appearance, in which he aids Fox, Falco Lombardi, and Dash Bowman when they are fighting against Venom (however, only Fox can see him).

    James McCloud from F-Zero is based on James McCloud of the Star Fox franchise. The character in the F-Zero franchise is very similar in appearance, and even uses a vehicle called the Little Wyvern that looks somewhat like an Arwing without wings.

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