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Pigma Dengar is a recurring character in the Star Fox universe. He was originally part of the Star Wolf Team, but has since betrayed them and became a rogue mercenary. He is greedy, selfish, and will do anything for his own self interests. As long as he gets his way, he does not care about the consequences.

Star Fox 64

Pigma's first official appearance was in Star Fox 64 (his first appearance was actually in the unreleased Star Fox 2). Pigma was a member of the very first Star Fox Team, alongside James McCloud and Peppy Hare. During a mission on Venom, Pigma betrays his "comrades" and all of Corneria by turning over the team to Andross. Peppy Hare managed to escape, but James was killed. Pigma later was tasked with joining Star Wolf, a rival team of the new Team Starfox. Whenever encountering the Star Fox Team, Pigma would focus his sights on Peppy, trying his best to destroy his former teammate.

Star Fox Assault

Pigma had a more prominent role in Star Fox Assault. In this game, it is revealed that Wolf O'Donnell fired him from Star Wolf because of his selfish nature and lack of regard for fellow team members. During the Aparoid invasion, Pigma hid out in the Katina military base. After Aparoids attacked said base, he sent out distress beacons which have been picked up by the Star Fox Team. After they fight off all of the Aparoids and destroy a large Aparoid containing a "core memory," Pigma sweeps in and steals it. Pigma then escapes to Fichina, where he is followed by the Star Fox Team. There, it is revealed that he has been assimilated by the Aparoids, and is no longer in control of himself. He transforms into a huge Pigma-faced cyborg Aparoid which faces off the Star Fox team in a final boss battle. In the English-language version of Star Fox Assault, Pigma is voiced by Lev Liberman.

Star Fox Command

Pigma is nothing if not persistent. While the Aparoids were wiped out following the destruction of the Aparoid Queen, Pigma was still mutilated and unable to return to his normal form. In Star Fox Command, he has taken a new shape, this time a large cuboid cyborg. He is the boss of Sector X and Sector Y. Pigma wanted the Star Wolf Team to bring Star Fox to him, so that he could extract revenge for what they did to him in the last adventure. After being defeated, one of two endings can be triggered; one in which Falco Lombardi goes off and forms Star Falco, or one in which Fox McCloud and Falco join the G-Zero Grand Prix.

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