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    Tom Nook

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    Tom Nook is a tanuki who runs the local store in Nintendo's Animal Crossing games. He also specializes in indentured servitude.

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    Tom Nook is a character in the popular video game series of Animal Crossing. The player will have his first encounters with him when departing from the locale train, as the player is now living solo and is desperately looking for a new home away from home to settle down in.

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    He'll offer the first tenants of the town four different houses to live from and eventually stirs an estimated asking price for the starting range of the home mortgage, which your character can upright not afford.

    The player will then become linked and chained with the business likes of Tom Nook, receiving demanded orders that will have the player's character running for specific errands in order to pay off certain dues from the mortgage. When all is settled from the first ordeal, Tom Nook will serve as a shopkeeper's package, selling himself as a cashier and salesman right at his very own store. At Tom Nook's up and running busy store, you can purchase furniture, decor and various other housing materials.

    Shop Upgrades

    Nook's Cranny - The first store available to the player.
    Nook's Cranny - The first store available to the player.

    Tom Nook's store starts off as a small little shack with only a few items available inside. In order to upgrade his store, the player must purchase everything inside. The next day, he'll announce that he has enough funds to upgrade his shop.

    When the store has been upgraded to the point that it acquires a second story, his nephews Timmy and Tommy will work upstairs in the furniture department and follow the player around much like their uncle.

    • Nook's Cranny
    • Nook 'N' Go
    • Nookway
    • Nookington's

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tom Nook's role is changed only slightly. While his nephews Tommy and Timmy still manage the store, Tom's own business is now entirely focused around real estate. He helps the player select where to build a house before establishing a loan cost to pay off. Once the player has payed off the first loan level, upgrading a tent to an actual house, he sells house customization options to change the style of such elements as the roof, front door, and so on.

    Special Appearances

    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    Tom Nook makes his debut appearance to North American audiences as the 267th attainable trophy, with a subtle notice of a game appearance arriving soon beyond Super Smash Bros labeled "Future Release." The trophy description depicts him in the first stages of the Animal Crossing gameplay, in which it would later be known that he is able to expand into a elegant and luxurious store with help of the player's extensive help.

    Trophy Description:"This guy's the friendly neighborhood shopkeeper who kindly helps the player set up his or her first house. He has a nose for business, and his customer service is second to none. During the course of the game, his store starts as a corner shop, expands to become a convenience store, and finally becomes a thriving supermarket."

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Tom Nook makes a recurring appearance within the Smash Bros. series. Besides a having his essence captured in a regular trophy, he can now be seen actively beside various companions of his within the backgrounds of the Animal Crossing themed stage, Smashville.

    Trophy Description:

    "The owner of the town's only store. He not only helps you find a home when you move in but also gives you a job at his shop. His dream is to expand his business, and as the game progresses, Nook's Cranny becomes Nook 'n' Go, then Nookway, and finally Nookington's. He tends to say 'hm' and 'yes' quite a bit."

    Official Guide

    The Prima Official Strategy Guide for Animal Crossing: City Folk depicts a light-hearted description of the typical life and strives of a small-time town shopkeeper, engaging with players, which helps him gain his full potential as the successful Tom Nook.

    Guide Caption:

    "A kind raccoon with a heart of gold, Tom Nook helps you get started when you first move to town by loaning you a home to live in. Tom also runs a little supply shop in town that sells all the basics, including furniture, clothing, tools, and gardening supplies. Tom will help you in a variety of ways as your life unfolds, and you'll help him as well: Keep shopping at his store and it'll get bigger and bigger. Eventually, old Tom will even need to hire his two nephews, Timmy and Tommy, just to keep his business running!"

    Parody and Meme

    Because Tom Nook is the only known character that is seen and heard collecting bells from the inhabiting neighbors of the locale town, he has been satirically associated with being a loan shark, as he enacts the question of receiving his mortgage revenues at a steadfast pace.

    Fun Facts

    • Tom Nook has his name origin from his Japanese species, a tanuki.
    • Tom Nook's appearance resembles a raccoon but is in fact based on a tanuki, commonly translating or mistaken as a raccoon.
    • Tom Nook is known to be have left many of his close friends, to earn a lifestyle of success in the big city.
    • Talking to Sable reveals that she and Tom were friends before he left for the city, and that he's a different person now. Becoming close to Sable reveals that Tom Nook once sent Sable a pair of scissors (presumably, for cutting fabric) as a gift, despite Tom being low on money at the time.
    • According to Tom, his native language is "Raccoonish".
    • The pronunciation of the Tom Nook's second store, Nook 'N' Go, sounds similar to the syllables in Nintendo.
    • Tom Nook will buy most of the player's items at 1/4 of the marked price that you bought it for.
    • The player can wire the pending mortgage payments to Tom Nook via the ABD.
    • Timmy and Tommy are Nook's nephews and are always found on the second floor they are twin tanuki's that speak at the same time.
    • Tom Nook also has his own calculator on the DSi.

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