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Redd (also called Crazy Redd) is a Black Market dealer that occasionally visits your town in Animal Crossing. Redd is a fox, and is sly and sneaky about his dealings. His seemingly charming ways are a mask for his ruthless business tactics. He often sends a letter in the mail telling you when he'll arrive in town for business. In City Folk you can find Redd in the city at the far left but you have to get a find a person in your town who give's you a letter and you have to bring 3,000 bells.

Shop Operations

Redd sells rare items. These are furniture or games that are hard to come across at Nook's store or by events, but Redd has them. But be warned, Redd charges a hefty sum for these goods. Most goods range from 5,000 bells to 11,000 bells (expensive when Nook sells stuff from 1,000 bells to 4,000 bells.  Redd also sells paintings but be careful because not every painting he sells you is the real thing. The only way you can tell if it's a forge or not is by donating it to blathers. So it's a risk buying a painting from Redd, but he's one of the only ways to get paintings in animal crossing.

Redd can be found in a mysterious tent labeled "Black Market" with big red lines hiding it (though not too well). Usually asking one of the officers about where he might be gives you an indication as to where you can find him.

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