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In Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, the fox is able to go into the television with the party. While in the Midnight Channel hub, the Protagonist is able to talk to the fox and receive full SP restoration for a fee. The cost is initially very expensive but it lowers as the player raises the Social Link with the fox.

Social Link

The Hermit Arcana.
The Hermit Arcana.

Yu Narukami meets the fox at the shrine in the shopping district. At each S. Link level, the fox takes an ema which contains a wish from a random person in town and requests that Yu fulfill what they ask. Upon completing a request, the townsperson visits the shrine and makes a donation as thanks for making their wish come true, thus pleasing the fox. At the end of the Social Link it appears as though the shrine donations were stolen, only to find that they were used to renovate the shrine making it new once again. It is at this point that the gender of the fox is revealed after she gives birth to a litter of fox cubs.

After completing all the tasks for the fox, Yu receives the ability to create Ongyo-Ki of the Hermit Arcana.


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