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    Chess Pieces

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    The figures used in the game of chess. They include pawns, queens, kings, bishops, knights, and rooks.

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    Chess is a very old boardgame. It was designed by the Persians, who at the time played it on a circular board. The tools used are chess pieces. They come in six flavours: a King, a Queen, a Pawn, a Rook (or Castle), a Knight (or Horse) and a Bishop. The goal of the game is to put the opposing king in a checkmate position, which is when he is in check, and can't do anything to get out of that check.

    Pieces have received a point value to indicate how much worth they generally have compared to each other.

    • A pawn is worth 1 point
    • A knight is worth 3 points
    • A bishop is worth 3 points as well, which makes trading a knight for a bishop an acceptable trade for both players
    • A rook is worth 5 points
    • A queen is worth 9 points
    • A king doesn't have a point value assigned to him, as he is the most useless, but also the most important piece on the board

    Mate in two, black to make a move
    Mate in two, black to make a move


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