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    Chozo Ghost

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    The Chozo Ghost is a guardian entitiy that protects areas on Tallon IV. While Samus does have affiliations with the Chozo, these ghosts cannot differentiate between friend and foe.

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    The Chozo Ghosts can phase in and out of reality. While they are phased out, they are invisible to all visors except for the X-Ray Visor. They are very resilient, seeing as they are invulnerable to electricity, ice, and fire (Wave, Ice, and Plasma Beams) Missiles, and their combos (for the elemental beams) won't work against them. The only weapons that will work are the Power Beam and the Super Missile. Until the player acquires the X-ray Visor, these creatures can only be attacked while they are phased in, and are about to attack. Once the player has the X-Ray Visor, they can be targeted while phased in or out. 
    These ghosts attack using energy spheres. They can either attack with a quick attack, or they can charge up the attack to be more powerful. If the attack colliedes with Samus, then her visor will glitch out and will be useless for a few moments. 
    When you enter any various area that has the ghosts, the music will change, the doors will lock, and the area will get darker. Only once you kill them, will the music will return to normal and the doors unlock. There are usually between 1 and 3 Ghosts in any room. They act like regular enemies, so once you leave two rooms after their defeat, they will be back.

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