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    Clayton Carmine

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    Clayton Carmine is the third of four Carmine brothers to appear in the Gears of War franchise. Enjoys bacon.

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    Clayton Carmine is the oldest and most combat experienced of the four Carmine brothers. He fought as a gear since Emergence Day and is due to join Delta in Gears of War 3 to replace the deceased Benjamin Carmine. He carries a torque bow, lancer, and snub throughout the game. He also uses a boom-shield when playing beast mode.

    During the second half of act one he has many near death experiences such as a time where a car drops next to him, and taking a sniper shot that grazes the side of his helmet - which he had specifically reinforced against such attacks after his brother Anthony was killed by a sniper in the original Gears of War. These "teasers" were in reference to the popular charity fan poll that took place in 2010 to determine whether or not Clayton would survive the game, given that both of his brothers were killed in the story modes of their games. Near the end of the game, there is one final fake-out, in which Clayton's helmet is seen on the ground next to a wounded Gear before Clayton (whose head is off-screen) retrieves the helmet and puts it back on, having survived the events of Gears of War 3.

    Two near death experiences

    Clay nearly demolished by playground equipment
    Clay nearly demolished by playground equipment

    "Whoh, that was close!" -- Clay, after nearly being hit by a flying car.

    "Jeez Louise, what the fuck?!" - Clay, after a sniper bullet bounces off his helmet.

    "Good thing I wear a helmet." - Clay, admonishing the Stranded sniper who mistakenly shot him.

    Possible ending

    On December 21, 2011, Epic Games released the death of Clayton Carmine, to be used in event of the fans voting for his demise. In it he is depicted taking a bath, wearing his helmet. He dies a hero, knocking his radio into the water while reaching for his beloved bacon, dying of electrocution.


    Clayton has a tattoo of his two brothers, Anthony and Benjamin on his right arm. Clayton is perceived as a "badass" and is physically more intimidating than his two deceased brothers.

    He has also displayed an obsession with bacon. Clayton has been known to stare at pigs and utter "Bacon" to himself, and when a Stranded camp offered a side of bacon in exchange for "trading" Samantha Byrne, he immediately said "Ohhhh...bacon."


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