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    Cliffhangouter Ending

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    A type of video game ending common in the 8-bit era where characters are just... hanging out on a cliff, usually looking into the distance in a resolute manner.

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    The Cliffhangouter Ending is a dramatic shot of the game's hero/heroine looking out at an impressive view from the vantage point of a nearby clifftop. While it was prominent in the 8-bit era, when developers were still experimenting with "cinematic" visuals to bookend their games, it continued long into the 16-bit era and beyond.

    There are various reasons why a video game protagonist might want to stand pensively on a cliff:

    • Watching the enemy fortress crumble apart, after destroying the load-bearing final boss.
    • Returning home to a city or homestead seen in the valley below (or leaving same).
    • A melancholic farewell to a ship or other vehicle moving out of sight.
    • Checking out a sweet sunset.
    • They're lost.
    • Because it looks cool.

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