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Coca-Cola Kid is an action/platformer developed by Aspect Co. and published by Sega for the Game Gear platform. Coca-Cola Kid was only released in Japan.


The player plays as the titular Coca-Cola Kid. As the Coca-Cola Kid the player works their way through each stage, defeating enemies along the way. The player can utilize a front kick or a jump kick to defeat the enemies.

There are several items such as cans of Coca-Cola which regenerates health and a skateboard which makes the player move through the stage at a quicker pace.

In between each area the player has a chance to buy items using coins collected throughout the stages.

Console Bundle

The Special Console Bundle
The Special Console Bundle

When Coca-Cola Kid was released it had two versions, a stand alone game and as a bundle with a special Coca-Cola branded Game Gear console.

The cartridge of the game that was bundled with the special console was red colored while the stand alone cartridge was the typical black color.

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