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What have they done?!

Let's start this review with a small warning shall we? I'm a huge C&C-fan, I own every single game of the series, even the first editions of the first two games. I fucking love some C&C and I even like Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3. What this means is that this review is very, very personal and it isn't probably reviewed from a very neutral point of view but I try to handle it so you know if you like some of the features or not. 
That being said, I goddamn hate this game and what it represents. 

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Command & Conquer is one of the most popular RTS-game franchises known, the first game of the series was released in 1995 and is one of the first games I have played in my entire life. The series is divided into two different type of games, the Tiberium-saga and the Red Alert-saga. The Tiberium-saga is darker of the two, telling the story of GDI and NOD fighting over peace, Tiberium and world conquest in a gruesome world filled with mutants and what not. The Red Alert-saga on the other hand is based on a funnier, colorful and bright world telling about alternative history with Allied and Soviet forces fighting the same battle on and on and on with units like armored battle bears and Tesla-tanks. 
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight was supposed to be the epic conclusion to the Tiberium-saga that has continued since the first game in 1995 and what do we get? We get a game that is confused, a game that doesn't know what it's supposed to be. It's a game full of gameplay elements ripped from other genres, forced into this huge pile of design flaws and god so awful storytelling that it breaks my heart. 
Let's start with the story, Command & Conquer-series is very known for it's cutscenes with real actors and C&C4 has them too, but the acting and the story is something from a completely different game. Every CnC-game has slightly or more (Red Alert) overacting cast, all the way to the point that it was hilarious but it was still entertaining. In Tiberian Twilight the overacting is so bad that you just want to skip all the cutscenes because the characters are so goddamn annoying, how about an example? Your wife (yes you have a wife in this game god knows why) who certainly want's you to remember that she is your wife by telling you it over and over and over again in almost every cutscene, and if she is not reminding you about your marriage then she is crying about how worried she is about you. You don't want to know how many times I yelled at the screen going: "Oh my god woman! Just stop! Leave me alone! I don't know who you are and how somebody can be so annoying!"
Nod Widow
Nod Widow
And now to the actual gameplay. The game actually looks and plays worse than Tiberium Wars, three years older last game of the Tiberium-saga. The units are huge cubes with no personality whatsoever and what's worse is that you can't actually build that many of them, most of the time the population cap is so limiting that you can maybe build ten to twenty if the unit is small enough, even less if you use bigger units. You don't need resources to build this units. Yes. You heard me right. You don't collect resources, you just choose the units you want and they are ready when they are ready. You don't need to think about your economy or anything like that, you just spam your strongest units mindlessly until you or the enemy has won. 
So what do we do with Tiberium in this game if we don't collect it for money anymore? In Tiberian Twilight, you collect small lumps of Tiberium for upgrade points which you can then use to upgrade your units with upgrades like: "Every unit has little longer range." or something similar, upgrades like that really brings more feeling to the game doesn't it? No? Oh really, very general upgrades like that makes you feel like you are playing with numbers, not commanding a whole army, well, a small army when we are talking about C&C4. 
So how do we build these units? You have single building/unit, crawler, that can build units, you call it from the sky and if the enemy destroys it, you can just call another one. Yeah, you don't build bases anymore, I think that sums up the game perfectly, it feels like EA seriously wanted to fuck up the whole game and just collect all the money they can get by printing the game with a name like Command & Conquer on the cover with Kane telling you to buy it because he is the goddamn Kane.  
And don't say it's just me and the game is fine. Because I know RTS can be fun with no base building, Dawn of War 2 proved it. How about an RTS with simplistic units? Yeah it can be fun too, just play Supreme Commander 2. But what about Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight? No, it's not fun, it's horrendous. 
Final Verdict: 1/5 (I gave it one star because you can play it, it works, if compared to some other horrible game you can give it a slightly better verdict like 1.5/5, the half-star rating is saved for Dead to Rights on PC if I ever can collect my courage and play that game again.)

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