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Contra 4 (DS) review 1

Presentation: 5 The moment you reach the title screen and hear the classic, but reworked Contra title screen music, you know it's totally on like its the late 1980s all over again! There are also lots of homages to earlier Contra games in the level design, enemies, and bosses that will make Contra fans squeal with glee! Graphics: 4 While good, the graphics won't blow you away, even for DS standards. Don't let that worry you though since they are still very good and highly resemble Contra III's ...

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A solid and gritty old-school shooter 0

As a big fan of the Contra series, I was skeptical when it went into the hands of WayForward. This was mainly because of all of the games that they had previously developed (, which was kind of unsettling. However, Konami picked the right developer for this game. It's packed with features and (despite the game being only six levels) it will take you weeks to beat this incredibly difficult game. I am a huge fan of 2D sprite graphics. I li...

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Are you man enough for Contra?! 0

My reaction after playing this game for some time after I got it was natural, I was absolutely in love with this game; what a pleasant surprise I was in for, this may be be the best game I've played on the DS, simply amazing. This is action filled 2D side-scroller the way the gods intended it to be! Come on, lots of guns just waiting to destroy and annihilate everything you come up against, gigantic bosses that will scare the crap out of the bravest, four main characters easily describable as t...

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2D still had some life at this point. 0

Originally written 12-14-10Hardcore commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean defeated the highly advanced alien empire Red Falcon and saved the people of Earth from extinction. Two years have passed and Earth's government soon learns that Red Falcon was only the first wave. Another alien military force known as Black Viper seeks to finish what was already started. The government sends in four commandos this time to blast the aliens into ashes all over again. -summaryContra 4 continues to carry the le...

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Let's party like it's 1987. 0

Contra 4 is your basic 2D platforming run and gun type 2D side-scroller. You can jump, run, and shoot. Simple, and yet the toughest game to conquer on the DS as of now. Blasting your way through 7-9 levels with infinite ammo and the ability to hold two guns simultaneously has never reached a high like this.Konami has stayed true to its roots in this iteration of the series, which is a good thing. Arcade mode is not different from any previous games in the main series; in fact, some music, bosses...

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Hardcore to the extreme! 1

First things first, this game is hard. Its about as hard as the original Contra if not even harder. You can try play the game on easy mode but unless your a real hardcore contra fan who's been playing contra recently, I doubt you'll get much further than Stage 4 on your first playthrough. OK, there aren't that many levels in the game. Only 9 overall. Make no mistake, these are probably going to be the 9 hardest levels you'll ever play in your life. But its because the game is so hard that makes...

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