Is Costume Quest broken for anyone else?

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 Is anyone finding Costume Quest broken for them? 
I'm at the beginning and I need to get something to put in the Pie for the headteacher, what you need is in the 'Party' that you can't get into without something patriotic which is the Statue of Liberty costume. I'm one piece short (a sheet of some sort) and I've circled the entire neighbourhood like a bajillion times. Its too small a place to miss anything.     There is a guy in a ghost costume, I wonder if you have to do anything to him?
There is that sewer pipe by one of the lincolns but you can't go in because your costume will get wet. 
Anyway, HELP! 

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@RazielCuts:  Switch to the knight costume, and press the o button to use your shield. That should let you pass under the water by the sewage pipe. 
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I ran into a similar problem. Maybe I missed it because the text is so tiny, but it seems like they didn't really explain that the other costumes had useful abilities. I never clued in that the heelies were specific to the robot and not just the shoes that the kids are wearing.  If they had mentioned the shield umbrella, it would have saved me a lot of wandering around. 
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Hey thanks guys! I was seriously thinking I shouldn't of opened all the coffins before I got the quest (cas that's where you usually got all your costume materials up until then) 
I was switching to the knight but thought the shield defend looked too big for the hole. I was trying to take the costume off and what not, ha.  
Just did it, thanks again! 

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Later in the game, they seem to make the costume abilities more clear.  I didn't have any problem figuring out to use the shield for the sewers, but in comparasion to later on, it does seem a bit vague.
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There is a moment or two where you need most of the costumes, not all... but a few spots where although the clues are obvious, only one costume will get you past the specific obstacle. 

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At least you can play it! I had the demo start up to just a black screen on the demo on both 360 and PS3 and after purchasing it on PS3 have only managed to get it to start once despite re-downloading it 3 times. I've even tried it on two other PS3s to the same result, though no one else on the Internet seems to be having this problem.

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It's quite sad how "broken" apparently means "This super easy game is too challenging for me. It's certainly not my fault". Nice.

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@sofacitysweetheart said:
" It's quite sad how "broken" apparently means "This super easy game is too challenging for me. It's certainly not my fault". Nice. "

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