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    Costume Quest

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 20, 2010

    A downloadable turn-based RPG by Double Fine. Play as a child on Halloween night in search of your twin sibling.

    nerdsbeware's Costume Quest (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    Truly the best time of year.

    Costume Quest is a charming game for anyone, of any age. With it's fun story and addicting game play, Costume Quest became a quick favorite to play around Halloween. The battle system is great, consisting of simple QTE events and the awesome animations that go along with the different costumes special abilities, I couldn't help but actively seek out fights when I could. While it lacks in variety in terms of enemies, fights and areas, it makes up for with many other positive aspects. Seeing my candy bag fill up, learning what powers each costume had, feeling that bit of nostalgia of getting dressed up and running around with friends on Halloween maybe this game something I will seek to go back to every year around the same time.

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      Double Fine, Tim Shaffer's company behind the titles Brütal Legend from 2009 and the overlooked classic Psychonauts from 2005, brings us with Costume Quest a charming and adorable RPG for XBLM and PSN. It's perhaps not the longest or most memorable downloadable titles out there, but it's certainly a perfectly fine first entry by the developer for the downloadable scene. And while this isn't directly a Shaffer development, but rather Double Fine's lead animator Tasha Harris pr...

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      Adorably Shallow 0

       Costume Quest is one of those games that gives a good first impression. It has a nicely defined, clean art style, reminiscient of Animal Crossing or Earthbound, a whimsical sense of humour and simple game mechanics. The main thrusts of the game are mild adventure style item hunts and RPG battling. In order to proceed further and rescue your sibling from the clutches of the monsters hell-bent on stealing candy from your town, you need to acquire new costumes. Many of them have abilities that can...

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