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    Crackin' DJ

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released February 1999

    Crackin' DJ is an arcade DJ game that features two turntables and cross-fader. The game focuses on mixing, cueing up and "scratching" tracks.

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    Crackin' DJ is an arcade DJ game that features two turntables and cross-fader. Crackin' DJ tries to mimic the real life DJ-ing experience by having the player cut back and forth between two songs. The cabinet itself is well made with a quality sound system, elaborate lighting set-up, professional grade cross-fader and turntable that rotates during game-play. While the game was not a huge success when it was released, it has a strong cult following.


    • 1. Advertise
    • 2. Code Number 003
    • 3. Chocolate
    • 4. Hangover
    • 5. Glamorous Fingers
    • 6. Nightmare
    • 7. Cool Hand
    • 8. Hipstar
    • 9. Snob
    • 10. Black Temptation
    • 11. Road to the Desert
    • 12. Double Moon
    • 13. During the Night
    • 14. Thrill of Ecstasy
    • 15. Hot it Up
    • 16. In Chaos
    • 17. Rumble Storm
    • 18. Take it so Hard
    • 19. Result
    • 20. Out Run


    Most of the music was composed by Sega music development team "Hiro".

    There are less then five Crackin' DJ cabinets in the United States.


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