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    Crocell Reeden

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    A fire mage and playable character in Magna Carta 2.

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    Crocell is a young mage specialising in fire wizardry and part of the Counter-Sentinel unit in the Southern Forces. He is the 4th party member to join the group. Coming from a noble background, Crocell joined the Southern Army after losing his parents and sister in the civil war, harboring a deep grudge against the main antagonist, Schuenzeit.
    Sharp-tounged and extremely sarcastic, Crocell has a habit of winding people up with his attitude, causing Juto to lose his temper more often than most. Though Crocell comes across as arrogant, he "gives credit where credit is due" and eventually warms to Juto and the rest of the party.

    Crocell's attacks generate Fire Kan, with both of his skill trees focusing on his offensive capabilities. Crocell can either stay at range throwing fireballs or equip knuckles to become a melee attacker.

    In the English version Crocell is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal


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