Cutthroat Island

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1995

    An action platformer based on the 1995 movie. Female pirate captain Morgan Adams attempts to beat her villainous uncle Dawg to the treasure of Cutthroat Island.

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    Cutthroat Island is a licensed side-scrolling action game based on the Renny Harlin movie of the same name. It was released for Sega and Nintendo consoles in late 1995, early 1996.

    The plot concerns pirate captain Morgan Adams, played by Geena Davis, who must locate pieces of a treasure map that points to a treasure horde on the titular island. She must contend with her uncle Dawg and a series of setbacks along the way.

    The player has either Morgan or her companion William Shaw moving through various areas seen in the movie, fighting enemies such as other pirates and law officials after the bounty on Morgan's head. As well as taking on enemies in swordfights, there's also some platforming and a few chase levels where the player must outrun the enemies pursuing them.


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