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High Seas Havoc is a platformer by Data East for the Sega Genesis. The gameplay and art style of the games somewhat similar to Sonic the Hedgehog.


There is a gem known as Emeralda. It contains massive power within it. This was descovered by an evil pirate lord named Bernardo who searches for it.

Havoc and his sidekick Tide were freely wandering the ocean in their boat. They were on their home island when a girl washed up on shore they took the girl, and she later awoke. She said that her name was Bridget and then gave Havoc a map and told him to protect it from Bernardo. Havoc agrees and the three start to become friends, until Bernardo found them. Bernardo then kidnapped both Tide and Bridget. Havoc sets out on an adventure to save them.


The gameplay in High Seas Havoc is traditional platforming. Along the way, players can collect diamonds that will afford extra lives after collecting 100 of them. All three Genesis buttons can be used to jump, and if the button is pressed a second time, Havoc will do a jumping kick attack.


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