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    CyberFront Corporation

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    CyberFront Corporation was a Japanese video game developer and publisher. It shut down in December 2013.

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    CyberFront Corporation was a Japanese video game developer and publisher. Established in 1998, it put out games on a number of platforms, with a particular focus on visual novels for consoles and publishing western games in Japan.


    In 2010, Kaga Electronics bought a 51% stake in the company. Then in March 2013 Kaga upped this to a complete acquisition, due to a desire to reform CyberFront's management to increase profitability. However on December 19, 2013, Kaga announced that instituting the desired changes had proven too difficult, and they had instead chosen to dissolve CyberFront effective immediately.

    After the announcement, most of the publisher's annouced titles were confirmed as canceled. The sole exception was Shin Tokyo Seiroku: Operation Abyss, which was merely delayed while other options for releasing it were being considered.


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