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Dan Drehobl is a profession skateboarder with an extreme verbosity and a penchant for wild enthusiasm, for both his sport and life in general. 

Recently, Dan has participated in the creation of Skate 3 in which he is a pro skater in the game. Although he was not in previous versions of Skate, EA felt that someone of his enthusiasm would be a right fit for the brand. According to Dan, his 3D avatar in the game is “very realistic”, and he couldn’t be more excited about his inclusion. 

Rather than have him wear a tradition mo-cap suit, the producers decided it would be best to “sorta make-up” Dan’s impressive skating moves.  One of the disappointing facts he shared was that you won’t be able to recognize any of his personal style in the tricks performed. However, you will be able to recognize him in the game, as the character features the same verbosity he shows in real life. 

In between the professional tours and competitions that Dan participates in, he did take time to attend the Microsoft X10 event to help promote the game.  He gave several riveting interviews and divulged a quite a bit of information, including: 

“ yep, yep” 

“yep, yep, all that stuff” 

“no, not at all” 

“sorta, yeah”

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