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Dark Seed II is the sequel to the adventure game, Dark Seed. Dark Seed II was developed by Destiny Media Technologies and publish by Cyberdreams, Inc in 1995. Like the first game, the game is heavily based on the artwork of H.R. Giger and was designed and written by future James Bond novelist, Raymond Benson. The game was released for the PC (Windows 3.X), Macintosh, Sega Saturn and PlayStation. The console versions were, once again, only released in Japan.


In the first game, Mike Dawson had saved the world from the 'Ancients'. Unfortunately, after the events from the first game, the experience causes him to have a mental breakdown. In an attempt to regain his sanity, he returns to his childhood home town and moves in with his mother. A year goes by and Mike is still suffering from serious mental problems and memory lapses. Things go from bad to worse, his high school girlfriend, Rita, is found murdered after their high school reunion and everyone seems to believe that Mike is the one murdered her.
It would seem that the 'Ancients' have returned to get their vengeance. In order for Mike to clear his name, he must venture back through the different realities, solve puzzles and stop the Ancients from taking over the world yet again.

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