I have a dream...

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To get to the friggin darkwraith covenant without levelling up, dualwield caestus and brawl with rookies in the starting area for lols... but that god damn Ornstein and Smaug just keeps pummeling me over and over! God damn!

So any tips? Atm. going with a +10 uchigatana 2handed, and my snassy upgraded wanderers outfit. So they kinda instagib me whenever they touch me, and there is a severe lack of level 8ers to summon in for the assist...

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@jackg100: summon Solaire. He can take off just enough heat for you to get it done

Edit: also modify the uchi to lightning? At level 8 I doubt you're getting much out of the dex scaling. Might be more damage in lightning.

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Maybe. Or maybe I make the Chaos Blade, or go with my old classic Queelag's Fury Blade, that always deals alot of firedmg. Have to farm chunks I guess. :)

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You actually don't need to beat S&O to achieve your goal. You can kill Inward in the New Londo Ruins to get the Key to the Seal without having the Lordvessel. You can then get to the Four Kings. If you start with the Master Key, the only bosses you actually MUST kill to become a Darkwraith are Sif and the Four Kings.

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Hm, isnt there one of them shiny gate thingies at 4kings if I didnt get the lordvessel? I seem to recall something like that being there when I tried to get there on my NG+

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Just so you know, if you place the lordvessel you can't join the covenant. Just go kill Ingward and get the key, murder 4 kings then bam. No need for Anor Londo.

If you're on the PC also, you can only get the key off that dude in the first playthrough. It's bugged that he doesn't drop it from NG+ onward.

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Unfortunately I cant get out of anor londo until I killed Ornstein and bitch now. So I guess Ill do it the hard way.

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@jackg100: You can get out of Anor Londo. It is a bit of walking, but get back to the gargoyle that flew you up to Anor Londo, he will bring you back down to Sen's Fortress. But it would not make much sense if you already are at O&S, since warping between bonfires is such a huge benefit.

I'm doing a SL1 run at the moment and I'm having a bit of trouble with O&S as well ;-) .

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Perhaps we can help eachother out? If you play it on PC that is. Not that I think Ill be much help there, but if one of them can just stay away from me when I fight it would be a helluva lot easier!!

Edit: Also, thanks for the tips. Wasnt aware that I could go back without beating them... :D Always powered through before.

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