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So I've been trying to farm a channeler's trident for a couple days now and I am about to give up on getting that knight's honor achievement, anyone in range of SL 132 on the xbox have one they'd be willing to trade? I have about 20 dragon scales, titanite chunks and twinkling titanite I'll never use, I also have a red titanite slab to spare, I also have pretty much every armor set and I'll probably never use anything but my paladin set or havel's armor, which I have 2 of now. Also I'd trade for a soul of sif and moonlight greatsword, I was stupid my first playthrough and used sif's soul for the souls and now I have to do ng+++ for the 3 weapons, moonlight greatsword I am not looking forward to trying to get although priscilla's dagger was easier than I was expecting.

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@kerse: You are aware that the MP in Dark Souls if P2P and zeroing on a specific player is a fucking chore. Good luck though.

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You'll probably have better luck going here: and checking with the live chat thing. Pretty useful.

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Unless things have changed since Demon's Souls, you don't need to keep the trident, just have it in your inventory temporarily for it to count.

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@mordukai: Yeah I know, but it seems like less of a chore than farming that trident lol.

@Seauton: Yeah I'll try in that chat I suppose, thanks.

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@kerse: Yeah man. I'd still o for farming then trying to connect to a specific person. If it was Demon's Souls then I would have helped you right away but...

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@kerse: Have solaire kill the channeler in the undead parish, almost 100% drop if solaire kills him.

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