Need one last boss assist to join the Sun Bros.

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I'm SL96 on this toon, and I'm currently at the bonfire right before Quelaag. Could anybody lend me a hand and let me lend them a hand? =D

Just got the game for xbox, and currently going for 1000 points. But this one actually proves to be the hardest one lol

Playing on xbox EU: gamertag: Ruzty5

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SL 96, Queelag?

Good god, no wonder. Most people are like, 40 before that boss.

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You might be able to catch some NG+ people. I usually don't summon for that boss because she's pretty easy (other than her AoE attacks), but that's just me. You could try putting your sign near the door to Sif.

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maybe try getting summoned for s&o in anor londo. if that doesn't work you can always get that last medal in new game +. you'll need to do a new game anyway for all of the 'cheevos.

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