So I tried to make Firelink Shrine a warzone

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First you should get this going in another tab to set the mood.
Being an aficionado of NPC battles, I wondered how such a situation could come about in Dark Souls, a game  where the NPCs mostly act as vendors or teachers. Only a given number of NPCs are usually around as well. But then I thought "fuck it" and went about accruing guests to the shrine on a new character. 
I went and freed Lautrec and then went down to free Griggs and beat the Capra Demon for the key to go get Laurentius. When I returned to Firelink, the people hanging around were as follows:
Lautrec, Crestfallen Warrior, Laurentius, Griggs, Petrus, Vince, Nico, and Rhea (the last three spawn upon killing the Capra Demon). Basically by aggroing all of them (except Rhea, she pretty much does nothing) you have about 7 dudes chasing you around Firelink. It tore my framerate up pretty bad for whatever reason (xbox) and I realized as soon as I started that I didn't actually want to kill anyone because then they would be gone forever. But it was a good time, I suppose. Eventually I made Crestfallen and Laurentius fall off the edge by accident, and Petrus randomly died for no apparent reason. All in all, not the adventure I was hoping for (initially I was hoping that I could get an aggro train of dudes coming from all sorts of places, but I couldn't make it happen. Was shooting to get Shiva and his friend, Andre, Siegmeyer, Solaire and the Undead Merchant in on the action since even though the distance to the shrine is pretty great, if there are no enemies its a rather leisurely walk).
I guess if you ever want to test out how well you would do under the stress of trying to survive being chased with a terrible framerate, give it a go! If not, recommend me a game that seems like it would lend itself better to this sort of orchestrated madness.

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This seems kinda silly and pointless. I fully approve. Too bad there wasn't any way to get them fighting each other.

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@Deusx: No Capture card, and anyone could do it if they had an hour to kill anyway. It was also a lot less scary than I remember fighting NPCs being. On my first playthrough I nearly shat my pants when Petrus attacked me as I came down the lift.

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