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DarkSiders Review

You are War one of the Four Horsemen, and you've been called to earth as heaven and hell have broken out into an all out war in front of humans (or as some call them, the "air breathers"). You will learn the basics of what you are capable of through the first level, but then a twist occurs and what you once were, you are no longer. You will have to redeem yourself and stop the forces that move through the world. The "air breathers" are no more, but there is plenty of challenges standing in your way.

Graphically this game is stunning, I like the style they went with and the models are all crisp and well made. The camera sometimes isn't as strong as I would like, but overall getting to view the world is a treat in itself. If heaven and hell were to really break out and fight for several years, what you see in the game is basically what I'd imagine the place would look like. 

The sounds might get a bit old in the game, but you are playing a game that at times you're going to be button mashing to get through swarms of enemies, so don't be surprised if you hear the scythe sound, sword sound, horn, gun, etc over and over again.

The controls are for the most part solid. It does take a bit of time to get used to what all the buttons do, but once you get enough into the game where you have all your weapons you've got one hell of a handle on what there is to offer. There is some issues that I've seen when trying to go between swimming and jumping out. There's also some small issues with once you're holding on to something releasing from it.

As stated before you're War and because of a strange twist you've lost almost all that made you that powerful Horsemen. Now you'll have to get to the bottom of the mystery of what exactly happened to Earth. You'll be gaining weapons that will help you defeat all that stand in your path. You'll also be gaining powerful allies to help you along, some of them being demons, some of them being the ancient ones. You'll be able to gain special modifiers for your weapons, as well as special abilities that you'll be able to use in combat. There's a huge puzzle element to the game as well. Many people have equated this game to feeling like Zelda, and I can see where that thought comes from. You have an assortment of weapons, you're battling through different areas to get to a boss, to gain a treasure that will get you ever closer to your goal. 

I found this game very entertaining, and for the most part unless I really screwed up, not too frustrating to the point of rage quiting. I think this is definitely a game that people who like a game more in the vein of Zelda (the newer ones) could really get behind. So pick it up, or at the very least you need to rent it. This game gets a 9.0 out of 10.

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