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    David King

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Plumber in Racoon City, playable character in Resident Evil Outbreak.

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    David is a loner by nature, with a mysterious aroma that never leaves his side. He is still gentle, however, and chooses not to speak often out of simply having nothing to say rather than outright rudeness.


    Being a plumber, David has the helpful ability to construct weapons and items with two or three items, through the use of duct tape. He can create mini-flamethrowers out of bug spray and a lighter, an electrified pipe with a pipe and a battery, and so on. His mysterious past also seems to of earned him the skills of blades, and can unleash small combos with any type of blade. Pipes will also somehow last longer whenever David is the one wielding it. His unique ability is throwing wrenches at enemies in close proximity. The player must be wary, however, as David only has a limited amount, and none can be located through the levels.

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