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Dawn of Fantasy is a game of high fantasy. Set in the war-ravaged world of Mythador, players choose to play as one of three races - Humans, Elves and Orcs - just as a new war is about to begin. This rich world is peopled by numerous other races and monsters - such as Goblins, Dwarves, Dragons, Ogres, Unicorns and Wizards - that players can recruit into their armies.


Online Kingdom

This is the main play mode of Dawn of Fantasy. Players start with a small village and have to build it up into a mighty citadel. City development and quest progression is all saved online, allowing players to return to the game at any time. Any building, research, movement or gathering tasks the player has set continue while the player is offline, however, they remain safe from attack as players can only be attacked while online.

Players can go solo and just do PvE quests or they can battle other players, quest together or join forces to lay siege to one of the major NPC cities.

Kingdom Wars

This is a single-player mode that lets you conquer the world. Players take control of one of the main cities from the Online Kingdom and use it as a base from which to launch their attacks on the other realms of the world.

Kingdom Wars is a dynamic campaign that allows you to conquer opposing cities in any order you choose and you need to have your defenses ready as the AI opponents will launch their own counter-attacks.


There are two versions of the skirmish maps - Lay Siege and Castle Defense - which, as the names suggest, allow you to either lay siege to or fight in defense of one of the main cities of the game world. This allows players to test out their strategies and provides good practice for the Online Kingdom and Kingdom Wars game modes.


There are several tutorial maps that provide an introduction to various game concepts, such as Constructing Buildings, Commanding Units, Gathering Resources and Siege Mechanics.

Custom Maps/Scenario Editor

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Dawn of Fantasy comes with the same Scenario Editor used by the developers to make all the quests, cities and maps within the game. This allows players to create their own custom maps with high levels of detail. Players can easily paint and shape the terrain, change unit stats through a simple interface and all coding is done using the easy to learn Lua scripting language.


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