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    A now extinct company that was among the first Swedish game companies together with DICE, UDP and Grin. It early adopted a stance to develop their own IP:s instead of getting deals with publishers for making other the games owned by others.

    The first game out from the studio was Safecracker in 1997 quickly followed by the game Traitors Gate. During all this time they worked on an, at that time revolutionary, game called Clusterball which was aimed at online competitive gaming in a sci-fi setting. That game was supposed to be an in-game-ad supported free to play, downloadable game with DLC.

    It was the first swedish game developer registered on the O-list of the Swedish stock exchange.

    The company died a fiery death after a chain of bad decisions, deals and repeated change of ownership that has reached a legendary status in the Swedish corporate world. Swedens largest monthly business magazine published a 7 page article on the story of the rise and fall of the company.

    However, the demise of Daydream was the reason why the north of Sweden has quite a few game developers in both Umeå and Skellefteå. The region has since then seen the release of games as million sellers Magicka and Aqua Moto Racing.


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