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I roll my German cutey Hitomi and I always get a Ryu Hayabusa player. Every time I get in a game with a Ryu they do the cheap teleportation stance to either

-throw me

-kick me

-teleport behind me

-psych me out and combo me

I also sometimes encounter A LOT of Brad Wongs who spam his lying back kicks. No matter how many times I inspect the hit angles, I never am able to counter it. My Hitomi relies on force and not on speed. So when I fight a Ryu or Brad, she has a bit of a start up time to do it.

It also doesn't help that these people have internet that makes it seem they're playing from a missile-silo.

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I haven't played DoA, but isn't spamming just something you need to deal with? I got pretty good at defusing a dragon punching Ken in Street Fighter, or a Kilik in Soul Calibur IV doing... that stupid staff thing he did.

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Well if they are spamming the same attack that means you should have plenty of free counters and win the match.

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@1st2die: You're going to get a lot of people saying roughly the same thing, so I'm just going to say you'll eventually learn ways to counter the spamming and you'll have a much more fun time. This is like people on Street Fighter who think spamming fireballs is a cheap tactic. While it can feel cheap to people who don't necessarily have a good grip on the game yet, you will eventually figure out how to get around said tactics and be able to punish people like this a lot. Fighting games require a lot of adapting to the other players play style. There are a bunch of different ones out there, and the hardest people I've found to go against online are people who play unlike everyone else, thus leaving you without a game plan and this will no doubt mean you playing poorly.

Anyway, learn how to react to how these people are winning against you, and you will have the upper hand in these matches from then on out.

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The best thing to do against Ryu's teleports is to sidestep because the incoming attacks are slow and don't track.

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Yea thanks for tips guys. I went to Training and tried seeing how to counter the moves. Its kinda weird because in DOA 5 some attacks look like they hit my nuts but are considered HIGH.

I tried fighting another spammer but he was lagging. So I couldnt really do much with that. I have been sidestepping and it really helps! My Hitomi is back on track! :)

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when ryu teleports SIDESTEP and then whoop his little loser ass for trying to get you with those newb moves in the first place.

Protip: if brad is lying down you can down grab him. so if he tries to rush you with the headbutt attack and you guard it immediately do a down grab.

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