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I love hearing people talk about DEADLY PREMONITION. I'm in the habit of performing a search in iTunes every couple of months and seeing if any new podcasts talk about the game. My most recent search, about 3 days ago, brought me to Unoriginal Soundtracks. It was only about 30 minutes long, so I  downloaded it and listened to it on the way to work. Then, I proceeded to listen to it 4 more times over the course of 2 days. 
Just amazingly terrific. This guy picks a game, then compiles a playlist of tracks that relate to the themes, characters, or plot of the game. He acts as a DJ, giving intros, or outtros, or just taking a break between the songs to discuss the game for a minute. The songs he picked for the DEADLY PREMONITION one were incredible. I knew 2 of them, but the rest were unknown to me until now. 
I have subscribed to his podcast, and downloaded all of the episodes available. (There's 7 thus far.) I have listened to 4 of them, and they are all exceptional. 
If you like good music, and if you like DEADLY PREMONITION, check it out. You can find it on iTunes, or you can search for it online. They post on the guy's website.
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Sounds pretty cool. I'll check it out.

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I have a Google Alert set up for whenever "Unoriginal Soundtracks" appears on the internet. Thanks for spreading the word! I assume you're the guy who left the comment on Cerebral Pop. That really made me happy too.
And here's links for non-iTunes users:  RSS and that Deadly Premonition episode
Edit: Oh! And if you like hearing people talk about Deadly Premonition, you should listen to This Podcast Contains Spoilers. It's SWERY approved.

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Holy shit! You're the guy! Yeah, I'm Paul. I left the comment at Cerebral Pop. 
Seriously, man, Unoriginal Soundtracks is awesome. Terrific concept, and well-executed. I am doing everything in my power to spread the word.  
Of course, I love the DEADLY PREMONITION episode. I've made that clear. But I also really loved the RED DEAD REDEMPTION and FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS eps.  
When you played  "Cigarettes & Coffee," I was smiling so big because my Dad would listen to Otis Redding all the time, and that song is so perfect for Agent York. I didn't know about "The White Room" but I can't get it out of my head. So bizarre and strange, but perfect for the game. And Creedence, man. Incredible way to end it.  
Like I said, I'm a subscriber now and look forward with great anticipation to new episodes. Thanks for responding in the forums! That's really cool of you.
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Seems cool. I'll give it a listen.

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Hey! I love Deadly Premonition! I also kind of like music! This sounds like the kind of thing for me.

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Sounds like the "Harry Potter for the Indie Rocker" Song List, where they put together a bunch of songs that tie thematically into something from the books.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
...and thank you for creating this (unless I totally misunderstood the relations here?)!
You seem to have a talent for both finding and combining themed music in an original way, I hope you know that we demand more!
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That sounds neat-o torpedo. Gonna check it out.

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But Deadly Premonition's soundtrack already was perfect.

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No problem! I've listened to all of the episodes several times, and demand more as well. 

Yes. It is a perfect soundtrack. 
This is a track list inspired by Deadly Premonition, and not meant to replace the existing soundtrack.
The other episodes are awesome as well. Check them out.
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Only 8 podcasts, and one of them is Max Payne. Fuck yeah. Will most certainly keep up with this. 

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Downloaded the DP and New Vegas thingies, will listen later. Also subscribed. 
UPDATE: This is cool. This is really cool.

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@Cerogravian: It's one of the advantages of Spotify -- loads of music that's easily searchable. 
 Thanks, Captain- oh I get it now. 
I'm really glad people like it. Hope y'all enjoy next Wednesday's episode.

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