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Deadly Premoniton: Highly Flawed, Yet Highly Loveable 10

For a game with a development cycle as long as Deadly Premonition's, it doesn't necessarily have a lot of excuses for being what it is. Jankiness in most every department is typically the name of the game and in the few fleeting moments where it does actually shine for legitimate reasons, its problems quickly humble it and bring it back down to Earth. Deadly Premonition is therefore not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination. A quick glance at its box art and $20 price tag in the US is...

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Spoiler free review: Deadly Premonition 1

 I was on the fence about getting Deadly Premonition, I hadn't heard anything about it, in fact no one I knew had heard about it.  However every time I walked around my local game store something just stood out to me about the game.  Also the budget price of $19.99 helped a lot. Deadly Premonition is a game that you absolutely can not take serious.  If you want your games to have thrilling and fast paced action, if you crave intricate storytelling with interweaving plot lines, if you need your g...

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Well worth the price of admission 3

 When I first saw trailers for Deadly Premonition, I was quite intrigued (I love adventure and survival horror games)-so I was going to get this game regardless price or quality (there are so few games in those genres these days that it's hard to get my fix)... and when I heard that it was going to be 20 bucks, I got even more excited (most budget games these days cost 40... which is 20 bucks more than what a budget game cost one console generation ago). I have to say, I've been very pleasantly ...

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Great game. Don't you think so, Zach? 0

Having only more recently purchased an Xbox 360, I suppose that I find it interesting that one of my favorite games for the console thus far, Deadly Premonition, lacks a lot of what seems to define AAA titles these days. While its graphics won't win any awards, the game still manages to entertain with interesting directions it takes in terms of character development, music and storyline. Deadly Premonition revolves around a murder investigation in the town of Greenvale. Enter our hero, Francis Y...

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A surprisingly engaging, Twin Peaks style romp 2

Deadly Premonition (aka Rainy Woods) is a $20 title that, admittedly, is not for everyone. Deadly Premonition blends familiar gameplay mechanics from Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto and presents it in a manner befitting David Lynch. With a cast of over 30 characters who are all suspects to the murder of a young girl, a lead character who loves to talk about 80s movies and music with someone named "Zach" (think Special Agent Dale Cooper's "Diane"), catchy and inappropriately timed...

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The theatre of the absurd. 1

With the advent of the European release on the horizon, I feel it's worth creating a review, albeit a more esoteric one, if only to answer the naysayers and doubters who criticise the game. Whilst their gripes are on the whole  true, in so far, as the graphics are abysmal, the gameplay clunky, the music out of place, the shooting awful and some dialogue which makes the backward talking dwarf from Twin Peaks, seem positively coherent in comparison, but alas none of that matters. It doesn't matter...

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$100 of Crazy 3

Deadly Premonition is a bizarre title in many ways. First its price $20. Now that does not happen often. But once you look at the game in action, the price starts making (some) sense. The Graphics, voice acting, and music are just plain bad. At best, the graphics and acting seem reminiscent to the Resident Evil games on the PS2.  The music is without peer and I mean that in the worst way possible. And to top it off, the gameplay and controls can be summed up by the word "clunky".   The game play...

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A flawed gem 0

There is a reason why Deadly Premonition is one of the most polarizing games of all time. People either like it, and endure it through to the end, or they cant stand it and wonder why people like it at all. I stuck with it through till the end. While it has many rough(and some frustrating) parts, it really was a joy to play overall and had some very memorable characters and plot twists.StoryYou are Francis Morgan, a FBI agent who goes to a small town to investigate a murder of a young girl. The...

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Deeply Flawed, but Still Beloved 0

With an affable FBI agent who utilizes bizarre techniques to practically divine clues, an unsettling murder of a teenage girl in a rural Northwest town, a peculiar appreciation for coffee, and unusual townsfolk that includes an alternate version of the Log Lady, there is obvious inspiration from Twin Peaks in Deadly Premonition. That was then filtered through Japan. Your character, FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan, is headed to Greenvale, a small town with a recent tragedy: a young woman ha...

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Look Zach, A Deadly Premonition Review 0

     Deadly Premonition isn't the best game sure, but it's got its own amount of quirks and oddities that will make you either hate it, or love it. While I was trying to think of how to describe it to a friend, I came up with Yeah this image makes no sense to me"It's Resident Evil 4, in an open-world environment, also has some not so great driving, and features a small American town filtered through the eyes of a Japanese developer. Oh and apparently it has a lot of Twin Peaks parallels." As ci...

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Play this game. 0

If you are a graphics junkie move along now.  If you need constant action on the screen, once again go on to the next game.  The only other negative is the camera sometimes get in the way but other than a couple of boss battles the enemies don't pose much of a threat so it isn't a deal breaking flaw.  The flaws above are real and you should be aware of them before buying so they don't ruin the experience for you but to me they are well worth dealing with in order to experience one of the most or...

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This game is great, right Zach? 0

These days when a retail game comes out for twenty dollars, odds are it is not a good game. Deadly Premonition is a diamond in the rough, it may look like shit but man it is a great game. You play as Francis York Morgan but you can call him york because everyone does. He is on the FBI and on his way to Greenville for a lead to a murder case he is on. Greenville is a small town and this help with the game because someone in the town is the murderer. What makes this game so great and also grea...

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My sanity is out the window!! 0

Yes sir....I acknowledge the fact that all my logic is gone and my 'Cup Of Serenity' has spilled over. Yes sir...I LOVE THIS GAME.  Let us chant for a minute and behold the way we look past the technological leap backwards.  The story and how it is played out makes up for this punch. About time a game has been developed using some psychic developer software from hell. About time they made a game that has instant 'Cult Status'. About time they made a game that will re-write psychology text-books ...

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XBOX 360 Review: Deadly Premonition 0

Games like film are highly subjective. There are going to be some games that people love and some games that people despise to their very cores. Deadly Premonition, a horror/thriller themed open-world/action game that draws inspiration from a variety of games, films and television shows, is one of those types of games. Deadly Premonition is quirky, quirky in a Twin Peaks kind of way. If you aren’t into quirky, brain bending insanity with a healthy dose of Japanese flair thrown in for good mea...

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“I think they want us to review the game, Zach.” 0

“What should we tell them about first, Zach? Oh I know! In our game, Deadly Premonition, the main goal is to follow the trail of murder that has led us to Greenvale, the small town full of people who were devastated by news of a murder that has taken place in their quiet town. Remember when we first got there, Zach? Everyone we met was a potential suspect, and many had secrets that slowly got revealed to us.  Many things happened along the way and there plenty of twist and turns that took us ab...

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A unique gaming experience that must be seen to be believed 0

There are no words descriptive enough to convey the sheer lunacy of the game I am about to review. Suffice to say that if you find yourself sat at your kitchen table crying into an un-stirred cup of coffee, then it’s due in no small part to Deadly Premonition.  It was unleashed upon the Western World following a wake of mixed reviews. Some people thought it was a cult hit in the making, a unique gaming experience that must be seen to be believed. Others deemed it an untested pulp of pointless ...

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Sometimes the best thing is in the place you lest expect 0

We now live in a world full of games with multi-million doller budgets (not unlike their movie cousins), hype machines and massive amounts of product placements. It is truely a rare event for a suprise to occur in this industry. Every bit of data like web domains, job postings and more are gone over with a fine tooth comb searching out any sort of information that is to be had. Before a title makes its way out to store shelves you can read about it on your favorite website, watch some dude play...

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A one of a kind of experience wouldn't you say Zach? 0

At first glance Deadly Premonition appears to be just another budget Resident Evil 4-5 clone, but upon closer inspection this game offers more charm and laughs than any other game this generation. Deadly Premonition is a budget 360 exclusive which is heavily inspired by horror games and  TV shows of the 90's. The core game is more or less an unpolished Resident Evil 4, with over the shoulder perspective, laser sight equipped weapons, and glowing items. The structure of most of the combat involve...

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The Deadly Premonition Effect 0

Good  Great story. Characters. Music. Low budget in a good way.Bad Controls. Gameplay. Low budget in a bad way.        As I am writing this review I can easily think to myself what it is about the game that makes me like it so much, although when trying to portray to others what it is exactly about the game that has reserved a special place in my heart I often find myself at a loss for words. Why is it so hard you may ask? I suppose it is because at a quick glance of the game there are many asp...

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