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I miss the old days

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Best of 2010

I've only included titles I've played in this list of course, which is why some stuff that would seem obvious is missing. Enjoy

List items

  • Above anything else, if I could relive one gaming experience for the first time this year, I'd choose Heavy Rain. With it's amazingly engaging storytelling and believable characters, It's truly a unique experience that I've yet to have anywhere else, on any medium.

  • With a simple combat mechanic that manages to stay fun throughout the game combined with great presentation, execution and story, this is without a doubt one of my top games this year.

  • Though i feel that Bioware scaled down the RPG aspects a little too much in this sequel, they still manage to immensely improve the combat system and many other elements. As number two of a trilogy, I didn't expect any real ending and still felt satisfied to the core after completing it, this one makes the list without much second thought.

  • What a great send off for the Halo series by Bungie. With perfected online systems and more customization than you can handle combined with what i think is the best Halo story yet along with one of the greatest after-credit segments in any game ever, it was a truly thrilling ride from beginning to end.

  • As a long time fan of the Battlefield series on the PC (Going back to 1942) This is without a doubt the most epic, thrilling and terrifyingly awesome shooter experience I've had on a console to date. With It's destructible environments, wide variety of weapons and vehicles I've managed to log over 200 hours online and have yet to find myself getting sick of it, due in part thanks to the great map support Dice has given the game. Top 10 for sure.

  • The music game genre is perfected in this third installment of Rock Band. Being the complete party experience with ease of use, drop in drop out play and an amazing song list for all ages and preferences. Great online play as well as completely awesome DLC and export support, I don't feel the need to ever pick up a new music game. This is more than a game, this is a platform, that definitely makes my top 10.

  • The changes made to the Splinter Cell series in this addition is the reason that this is the first time I've ever finished one. With a more forgiving, reinvented approach to stealth shooter, Ubisoft managed to remove the aspect of feeling vulnerable and weak, forced to hide in shadows to making you feel like a complete bad-ass. The Co-op is extremely well implemented with It's complete separate story which i had tons of fun with. These are a few reasons this game belongs on my list.

  • Excellent voice-acting and an intriguing storyline combined with great characters makes this game stand out this year. Add to this the excellent online play which in free mode feels more like a western MMO than just an open world shooter. However it's not without it's flaws. A pile of glitchy bugs and an ending which i had issues with prevents Red Dead Redemption from being higher on my list.

  • I'm not much of a PC gamer anymore, and I've never played a Civ game either. The fact that entire days just vanished by a Next Turn button alone is enough for this game to make the list.

  • Controversial? Don't get me wrong, everything about the gameplay sucks. But everything about the story, the characters and the town of Greenvale is absolutely crazy, and absolutely awesome. Agent Morgan is a great and well voiced character wrapped in a story that was interesting from beginning to end. Considering its a budget title for 20 bucks, it gets an honorable mention-10th place in my list.