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    Defective Turret

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    "I'm not defective! I'm not defectiiiiiiive!"

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    The Defective Turret is a character featured in Portal 2.

    The turret itself has a unique look and personality far different than the regular turrets encountered throughout the game. It has a very boisterous, talky, self-aware personality as opposed to the monotone, largely docile non-defective turrets. It seems to be missing its outer white shell-casing and, according to its dialogue, is blind.


    The player first encounters it during Chapter 5: The Escape when Wheatley leads Chell to the turret production line in the hopes of shutting it down . Wheatley leads Chell to the production line's template room where a perfect turret is being scanned and judged against the turrets on the production line. If a turret does not match the template, it is considered defective and tossed into a nearby incinerator. Chell must catch one of these defective turrets and replace the perfect one with it. From then on in the line, only defective turrets will be allowed to pass through, thus eliminating part of GLaDOS' arsenal.

    The Defective Turret is voiced by the ubiquitous Nolan North, who also voiced the Space Core, Adventure Core, and Fact Core in Portal 2.


    "I'm a bad man."

    "Well, hello stranger!"

    "This time is our time..."

    "Second time's the charm!"

    "Back, and deadlier than ever!"

    "Hurt me once, shame on me. Hurt me twice [garbled gibberish]... Aw, c'mon! I thought we fixed that!"

    "What's a guy gotta do to get some bullets around here?"

    "Nope, still can't see. Yep, still blind."

    "Click. Click. Click. Still defective... yeah, that's right, still defective."

    "Yeah... still not working."

    "Yep. Non-lethal as ever!"

    "Can't. See. A. Thing. Absolutely no improvement."

    "Not gettin' better with age!"

    "Now this is just getting embarrassing."

    "If anyone asks, I killed you."

    "Hey, be a sport, lady, and just tell 'em I killed you."

    "Give 'em hell, young lady!"

    "Touché, young lady, touché."

    "Now is a broken turret's time to shine!"

    "Here it comes, pal. Locked and loaded! HA! HA!"

    "Oh, crap! Not again!"

    "[Warped electronic sounds] Gah! I can't see a thing! What just happened? Better open fire..." *click-click-click*"Oh my god! You saved my bacon, pal! Where are we going? Is this a jailbreak?"

    "What're you doing? No-no-no-no-no!"

    "You can't fire me, I quit!"

    "Gimme another chance!"

    "So, we're all supposed to be blind, right? Not just me?"

    "I, uh, don't have any bullets. Are you gonna give me bullets? Are there bullets up there? Where's my gun?"

    "Blam! Blam-blam-blam! See? I'm not defective!"

    "Shootin' blanks every time.""Watch and learn everybody, watch and learn."

    "Put me in the game, coach!"

    "Uhh, no bullets. Sorry."

    "So, uhh, what am i supposed to do here?"

    "Oh no, i'm one of the bad ones, aren't i?"

    "I'm trouble."

    "Yeah! Clickety click click! Right on the money."

    "You messed with the wrong turret!"

    "Pleased to meetcha."

    "Who said that?"

    "Hey, Squeaky-voice, gimme some of your bullets."

    "Where do i get my gun?"


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