Deus Ex HR and morality (early game spoilers)

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So I have been thinking about this game's morality system.  To me, it retains the 'morality' system of Deus Ex- which is to say there is no morality system per-se.  However, instead of forcing you into a morality path (a la mass effect or infamous), you are often given choices to play out scenarios differently, with different choices containing only the moral value to you the player, or your character.  For example, in one of the Detroit side missions there were a few times I saw this morality system in place.  First, you have to 'incapacitate' this gang dude, and the mission requires you to keep the leader alive, but he's guarded by like 4 other dudes.  I killed them all.  Though the directions were vague- and I just got a comment later 'hey that was a mess.'    Then I went exploring in that apartment building and found a gun runner.  I killed the girl sleeping on the bed, so I could steal from their safe.  I didn't have the hacking skills to do so, so  I left, the girl dead in the bedroom.  Then I completed the main and side missions of this part of detroit.  At the end of this side mission I had to 'bring in' this bad cop.  The first time i played the conversation I actually let him go (he paid me off).  I didn't like this so I reloaded the game and walked in and shot him in the head (no conversation).  Again I got a 'that was a mess' reprimand.  On my way out of detroit I revisited the gun runners, killed them and stole all their goods.   
So this game has me thinking- the morality system is that I as the player am left feeling odd.  I'm basically a good guy in the game, but I'm actually running around killing almost anyone for purely personal gains.  I'm a psychopath.  So Anyways, what are you thoughts on this game's morality- and its weight (if any) on you?

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If anything, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, like the original game, and a few other games out there shows that there is no absolute evil, and no absolute good. Sometimes a good character does an evil deed (intentionally or otherwise) and vice-versa. The thing i really, really love about the game (aside from the Cyberpunk...ness of course) is the way choices are presented and argued. For example, later on in the game in a secondary mission (pretty heavy spoilers for this mission ahead)

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Gun runners? Gang leaders? How the hell did I miss all this stuff in Detroit? I thought I looked everywhere, but damn...

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@thetenthdoctor: My first thoughts exactly, oh well, second playthrough here i come.
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@TheDudeOfGaming@thetenthdoctor: I can't believe you guys missed these things.  All though maybe i'm wording it wrong?  One of the times you get asked to meet a friend in a street she gives you the quest that makes for the bulk of what I was talking about.   
Anyways- what @TheDudeOfGaming: said is what I'm thinking.  The point is there isn't really good or evil, although I kindof think Deus Ex's (the first and this one) point is not the happy "there is no right or wrong" message, but more the darker "people don't all have morals" message- as like in my story I'm the good guy, but I basically ripped off these black market gun dudes for no reason.  And I shot their girlfriend in the head while she was sleeping so she wouldn't wake up when i broke into their storage...
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