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Holy Crap! Mukaitoge tries to drop another Elebits and fails! 0

Last December, Shingo Mukaitoge and Konami delivered unto Wii owners the kid-friendly FPS title Elebits. The game was praised for its childish and colorful take on the genre as well as its unique assortment of “weapons” and gameplay mechanics. Keeping to form, Mukaitoge and Konami have dropped yet another kid-friendly title on us, Dewy’s Adventure. This colorful, squeaky, and exceedingly frustrating title certainly has all the right stuff to guarantee it clicks with the target demographic; howev...

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It has its control issues, but there's a solid game here 0

Having lost money on the N64, Konami virtually ignored the GameCube completely.  So it was nice to see Konami taking a chance on the Wii with a brand new IP, the fun but shallow Elebits, making excellent use of the Wii’s pointer functionality.  Dewy’s Adventure, the next original IP from the Elebits team, focuses on the Wii remote’s tilt sensor as its core gameplay mechanic. Presentation The first thing you’ll notice about Dewy’s Adventure is that it is one of the best looking Wii games to dat...

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A fun, colorful game with slightly annoying controls 0

Dewy's Adventure is a fun, colorful game that has some great potential and I really wish it could get expanded upon in a follow up. The game takes place in a bright, colorful world where you play what is essentially a water drop. Throughout the game you have control of the state of dewy, changing him from gas to liquid to a solid to solve puzzles and battle enemies throughout the game. On the whole the puzzles and boss battles make good use of this mechanic and the game itself is rather quite in...

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