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    Dexter Morgan

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    Dexter Morgan is a Miami blood spatter detective who just happens to be a serial killer.

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    Age: Early 30s
    Hometown: Miami, FL
    Dexter (Played by Michael C. Hall)  is a serial killer with a conscience which he refers to as "The Code". He only kills people who he has proven to be guilty of murder or similar crimes. He was trained by his father Harry Morgan, to always stick to "The Code"  in order to avoid being caught. Harry created the Code in order to help satiate Dexter's inner monster, who Dexter refers to as "The Dark Passenger" and allow Dexter to perform what is, in a very twisted way, a public service act by removing these criminals from the street.
    While Dexter generaly put's a happy facade when faced with the public, he is constantly involved in an internal debate over his own humanity due to his inability to truly feel what he refers to as "Human Emotions". However Dexter has become very adept at immitating these emotions in order to allow himself to blend in with the rest of community. While Dexter does question his Humanity he also likes to acknowledge that he isn't a complete monster as he genuinely cares for his sister Deborah aswell as his partner Rita and her children. Dexter considers them to be his only family and is constantly putting himself in harm's way to prevent anything happening to any of them.
    Dexter is employed at the Miami Metro Police Station as a Blood Spatter Analyst along with his sister Deborah who is a detective at the station. While the job title might sound perfect for a serial killer, Dexter truly has a love hate relationship with his role on the police force as he finds the mere sight of blood revolting. He referes to himself as a "Neat Monster" and likes to keep his crime scenes clean unlike the vermin he hunts down. Dexter has however been able to utilize his position within the police force in order to establish his perfect disguise, which Dexter believes is the average everyday guy. Dex often delves into the Miami Police Department's criminal records in order to find his next suitable victim.
    Dexter's ultimate goal in life however seems to be to strike a perfect balance within himself, so that he can lead what he likes to believe would be a "normal human life". This however has proven to be more than a struggle for Dex as he realizes that is truly impossible to control his "Dark Passenger" and that aslong as he is involved in his favorite passtime, he will constantly be placing his family in harms way albeit indirectly.

    Fun Facts

    • Michael C. Hall is also featured as a villain in the movie Gamer.
    • Dexter likes to view himself as a super hero now and then and refers to that character as the "Dark Defender".
    • Fans of the show have coined the phrase "WWDD" or "What Would Dexter Do?" as a sort of in joke.
     Drew as Dexter Morgan for Halloween 2010
     Drew as Dexter Morgan for Halloween 2010

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