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Dig Dug Deeper is a remake of the original Dig Dug game developed by Creature Labs and published by Atari SA for the PC platform.

Just as in the original Dig Dug, the main character is a spelunker named Dig Dug (who is also known as Taizo Hori), digging underground and fighting various enemies with his trusty pump.


The gameplay in Dig Dug Deeper is almost exactly the same as in the original arcade version. All of the enemies must be dispatched in a level by either using the pump and pumping them up untill they explode, or killing them with different objects found in the environment, such as boulders, poisonous gas and lava. Killing the two different forms of enemies in the game, Pooka and Fygar, with latter objects nets bonus points and usually also a power up to Dig Dug's speed and pump power.

Differences to the original version

The most important difference to the arcade version is the inclusion of an overhead map. Each level is started on this overhead map, waiting until a Pooka erupts out of one of the several visible holes on the surface and then, after it goes underground again, the player is free to give chase. Also, when the player is down to destroying the last remaining enemy (who moves with double his usual speed) and fails to kill him in a set amount of time, he will surface on the overhead map, and will have to be defeated there.


In this version there are two different forms of Pookas and three different forms of Fygars.

  • Red Pooka: The exact same as in the original.
  • Blue Pooka: Different color and takes 10 pumps to destroy, as opposed to 4 pumps for a normal Pooka.
  • Green Fygar: The exact same as in the original.
  • Pink Fygar: Different color and can fire his flame breath up and down as well, as apposed to the normal Flygar who can only fire left and right.
  • Red Fygar: His flame breath is longer and can go around corners.

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