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    Doc Brown

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    Doc Brown is a character from the Back to the Future franchise. He is a wily old scientist who figures out how to travel through time.

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    In the episodic Telltale Back to the Future games, Doc (voiced by Christopher Lloyd, who originally played the part in the series) has traveled back to the 1930's in order to discover the true identity of a speakeasy arsonist. He is confused for that arsonist himself, and is jailed and subsequently killed (at least, until the past is changed, of course).

    Marty McFly comes to save Doc, who remains jailed and unable to help except by providing guidance and information to Marty. Marty eventually frees him from a prisoner transport van, but they realize something must have gone terribly wrong, as Marty starts to fade from existence.

    They learn that a notorious criminal, Kid Tannen (of course, a part of the Tannen clan that plagues McFly and Brown throughout the movies), will gun down Marty's grandfather, Artie, after he gives a statement to his guilt. Doc and Marty save Artie and hustle him out of town, warning him to stay away for a while out of fear that Tannen is still loose. Doc and Marty return to Hill Valley to try to figure out a way to bring Tannen to justice without meeting Doc's younger self, an aspiring scientist who is about to make his first great scientific breakthrough by seeing Frankenstein and lighting upon an idea for a scientific expo.

    Younger Doc plays a vital role in capturing Kid Tannen, and subsequently catches the eye of young Edna Strickland. Instead of opting to go see Frankenstein, he goes instead with Edna. As they are about to hit the necessary 88 miles an hour to return to their own time in the 1980's, Marty tells Doc nonchalantly that the younger Doc is going with Edna. Before Doc can finish voicing his worry, they time-travel and Doc is ripped from the car by time-altering properties.

    Marty crashes into a billboard plastered with Doc's face. He discovers this version of the 1980's is run by Doc as a totalitarian state, sealed off from the rest of the world by walls and terribly strict rules. Marty breaks these rules one by one, granting him an audience with the elusive Doc (referred to now as Citizen Brown). Citizen Brown has become obsessed with the guidance of this future's people, and with his technological know-how, he has devised ways to control the minds of ne'er-do-wells like Biff or Jennifer. Marty slowly shakes Citizen Brown's faith that this reality is right. That faith is finally shattered when Citizen Brown discovers that his wife (in this reality, Edna) has used his technology to evil ends, controlling Biff to do her bidding like a zombie. Citizen Brown and Marty are captured by Edna.

    Marty escapes his imprisonment, and frees Doc with a little bit of guitar hijinks. Citizen Brown rebuilds the DeLorean using notes Marty brought him, and they time-travel back to the 1930's in order to break up his younger self and Edna. Upon learning Edna's eventual sad fate in Marty's reality as a lonely crone, Citizen Brown has a change of heart and decides that he can be happy without being a scientist and make Edna happy too. He and Marty clash and argue it out. Citizen Brown leaves for a while, claiming he wants to visit old friends and be by himself while Marty works to inevitably wipe out his existence and transform him back.

    Marty's attempts to guide young Emmett from Edna are successful, almost too much so. Edna is crushed and vows revenge, leading to an alliance with the crafty and conniving Citizen Brown. They make every attempt to stop Emmett from becoming an inventor, including kidnapping Emmett at the science expo and Edna's defamation of Emmett and McFly as spies and hooligans. Marty provides evidence of Edna's wrong-doing to a young policeman (Jennifer's grandfather), and she runs. Marty then sees Citizen Brown knock out Emmett with chloroform, but is unable to stop him from dragging Emmett away. Citizen Brown tries to hide unsuccessfully in an exhibit, and eventually Marty flushes him and Emmett out. Emmett is able to present his exhibit, a flying car of sorts, both disastrously and successfully. As the smoke settles, Marty watches in horror as Edna hits Citizen Brown with the DeLorean. She races away, accidentally jumping in time. Citizen Brown dies as Marty can do nothing but watch.

    Marty gives a newspaper clipping to young Emmett, grimly telling him never to open it until he gets the keys to the city. Confused, Emmett walks away after thanking Marty for his help. After a few moments, a new DeLorean pops into the 1930's, along with a revitalized Doc, who has had his timeline and memories properly restored (more or less). This "correct" version of Doc and Marty suddenly find Hill Valley disappearing around them, thanks to anomalies created by Edna. They track her down with the help of Artie's father (voiced by Michael J. Fox), and discover her to be an old, insane crone. Through mild trickery, they help Edna remember and re-enact her memories of what happened. Doc and Marty track down her younger self in the 1800's, bring her and the alternate DeLorean back to the 1930's, and ensure she winds up in jail for crimes committed, including being the real arsonist Doc originally was trying to track down.

    Doc and Marty return to their own timeline, fairly sure that this time, they've managed to not muck things up too much.


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