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    Donovan Hock

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    Donovan Hock is a weapons dealer and art collector who resides on the planet Bekenstein. His mansion is also home to a vault which contains many priceless artifacts from galactic history.

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    Besides being an extremely successful smuggler and arms dealer, Donovan Hock also has an impressive art collection. While it's unknown the true extent of the collection, there has been verification of a handful of artifacts:

    • The head of the original Statue of Liberty
    • Michelangelo's David
    • A Prothean statue similar to those found on Ilos
    • The head of an ancient Egyptian statue
    • Stone tablets inscribed with what may be Quarian writings
    • A statue of a Rachni Queen
    • A rare sculpture of Turian design
    • A Kassa Fabrications "Locust" SMG, said to have been used in the assassination of United North American States president Enrique Aguilar and Chinese People's Federation premier Ying Xiong at a photo op in 2176.
    • A statue of a strange mythological creature known as an Ogre (The statue is directly derived from Bioware's Dragon Age Origins)


    • Donovan Hock speaks in a distinct and very strong Afrikaner accent.

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