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    Doomsday Clicker

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    A post apocalyptic incremental game.

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    Doomsday Clicker is an incremental game developed and published by PikPok for iPhone, iPad, and Android.


    In Doomsday Clicker players are tasked with hiring people to work in their underground bunkers. Players earn money based on the number of mutants working in each section of each bunker.

    Bunker Rooms

    Each bunker has a total of ten different rooms that the mutants can be hired to work in. The ten rooms are:

    • Workshop
    • Power
    • Water
    • Food
    • Kitchen
    • Science
    • Training
    • Housing
    • Hobbies
    • Fun


    The games first environment
    The games first environment

    There are a total of six environments in the game. Each of these environments has their own bunker. These get increasingly more expensive as they go, but also yield higher rewards. The environments are:

    • Suburbia
    • Desertopolis
    • Forestville
    • Nuclear Snowland
    • Pacific Ocean
    • Hot Springs Hotel


    The Supercharger is a spinning wheel that rewards players with 2x, 3x, or 4x profits. Players earn a spin by watching an advertisement. Once the wheel is spun players will be rewarded with their bonus that will last for two hours. The wheel can be re-spun if the player chooses to watch another advertisement.

    Room Perks

    There are Room Perk upgrades which can be purchased by the player using the currency they have earned. These Room Perks will upgrade the output of certain rooms by a percentage.


    Players can trigger a doomsday event at any time by pressing a large red doomsday button. This will then mutate all of the humans working in every room and reset the game progress. New humans hired to work the rooms will then get a boost in the amount they earn for every mutant the player has created.

    Premium Currency

    Players can purchase a premium currency of gold with real money. The gold can also be slowly earned by clicking on small mutants that wander across the top of the screen and have a small chance of getting one gold.

    Gold can be used to purchase permanent or temporary boosts such as permanently increase profits by 3X or skip 7 days into the future.

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