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Theater of the Absurd 0

Double Fine's second foray into motion controlled territory is barely game. Or, more accurately, it is barely a "game" in the traditional sense of the word. Double Fine Happy Action Theater is a "game" that cannot be won, loss, or beaten. No campaign, no innate competitive aspects; just a ludicrous smorgasbord of minigames cum Kinect tech demos lavished with the visual panache and charm expected out of Tim Schafer's imaginative studio.And it's all the better for it.Understanding what exactly is ...

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Unstructured Playtime 4

Just dance!I’m almost jealous kids are getting all the high quality Kinect games. It seems fair, however, considering years that shovelware were commonplace on store shelves marketing to a younger audience. I hate getting into the argument of trying to dictate if games are good for people that aren’t me. I have experience as a Pre-School teacher, so I have a good idea of what kids are into. On the flip side, I’m an adult that enjoys drinking, and Happy Action Theater totally caters to that spect...

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Kinect Developers: Take Notice! 0

DFHT is a cheap, simple, and incredibly satisfying diversion geared to the under 8 year old crowd. It’s more of a fancy tech demo than a full featured game, but for kids, it’s fantastic. My 6 year old has spent hours playing each of the mini games and when her friends come over, they go crazy. It’s all unstructured play – there’s no winners or losers, no scores to keep track of, and nothing hidden to have to grind away and “unlock”.As a parent, I am absolutely THRILLED with the way Double Fine d...

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